Our direction

Continuous progress and change – our key to success

As Captain America once said: “Grow beyond yourself. Dream big and you will make a difference!”. A motto that suits our work attitude at babymarkt.de, where we never cease to think big. We have the ambition to raise the bar a little higher every day.

Unsere Vision

Our vision

Where do we want to go?

Within the last five years we have grown from a local hero to the largest online supplier of baby supplies in Europe. Our biggest goal for the coming years is to become more than just an online shop. We want to be the first port of call for (expectant) parents on the subject of newborns.

How do we want to achieve this? On the one hand, with our own advanced technology. On the other hand, we want to combine commerce, advice and content. In addition to the right articles at the best prices, we also want to provide the best information and content.

Das ist unsere Vision

Our strategy

“earlier, more often, longer”

We are already the market leader in our core business, selling newborn baby essentials. The motto “earlier, more often, longer” starts here and succinctly sums up our expanded corporate strategy.

Earlier: Currently, we get to know our customers mainly with their first purchases for their basic baby supplies. The majority of our customers are in the second half of their pregnancy or beyond at this point. However, parents-to-be start their research much earlier in the pregnancy. We want to accompany and support families from the very beginning and establish our brand with parents-to-be.

More often: Another focus lies on building sustainable and long-term customer relationships so that first-time customers become loyal existing customers.

Longer: Furthermore, we want to accompany our target group up to the child’s age of 6 years and therefore become a relevant shopping destination for longer.

Our philosophy

The contribution of each and every employee counts so that we can achieve our declared goals in the coming years.

We want to get better, bring about change and transform the market for baby supplies in a sustainable way to become a pioneer in the industry.

On the one hand, this is possible because we rely on a uniquely qualified team of competent employees. On the other hand, we distinguish ourselves by having one of the fastest and most beautiful online shops in Europe.

In addition to expertise, we have the courage and self-confidence to tackle any obstacles and put things in motion – so we do it! The most important thing is to get into implementation, because the best concepts are useless if they are always optimised but never put into practice.