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We are experts in the field of baby and children’s supplies and offer our customers a high-quality product range and first-class service within this area. However, these are not the only topics that expectant mothers and young families have on their mind. This is where you as a partner come in to play: We offer numerous options from package inserts to display ads that will sustainably increase your business success and make our customers even happier. True to our company slogan: „Click. Click. Happiness.

Our target group

  • Above average household income
  • High mobile affinity
  • Great need for advice and security
  • Appreciation for quality products at the best price
Kooperationen Prozent

The interests of our customers...

...goes far beyond our product range.

Kooperationen Familie

With a new baby, new families give thought to…

  • …changes in the household – the first home or a larger car.
  • …children’s savings accounts, term life insurance or financial security in general.
  • …everyday things like managing the household, healthy eating or leisure activities.

Our cooperation options

Parcel inserts

#New customer acquisition #Customer reactivation #Easy tracking

  • Approximately 87% of all customers take a closer look at the parcel inserts (cross-industry study)
  • Customers open their parcels in a positive mood and full of expectation
  • Prominent placement of the insert in the parcel ensures maximum attention to your insert
  • An individual voucher code allows you to easily track the success of your campaign
  • A/B testing can easily be implemented by using different advertising media
Kooperationen Paket
Kooperationen Display Ads

Display Ads

#UpperFunnel #BrandAwareness #Branding

  • Maximum reach with several hundred million page views of the product detail pages per year
  • Direct linking to your landing page possible
  • Your display ads will be played in our desktop and mobile shop, as well as in the babymarkt app
  • An exclusive form of advertising for selected partners only

Social Media

#reach #interaction #community

  • We have a high reach on our Instagram and Facebook channels
  • Social media increases your brand and product awareness, but also offers sales opportunities
  • Sweepstakes and contests are particularly popular within our community
  • There are direct interaction opportunities with the community
Kooperationen Social Media
Kooperationen Newsletter


#reach #opening rates #special mailings

  • We offer large and selectable mailing lists
  • High opening rates across all mailing lists ensure great visibility
  • High click-through rates
  • We send special mailings tailored to the life stage of the customer’s baby


A strong, loyal and top target group with predominantly new families within the European market for baby and children’s products.
What this means for you: High reach, targeted approach and great scaling potential.

Our partners

Our main goal is to achieve a triple win situation with all our partners.
This means that the advertising partners, babymarkt and above all the babymarkt customers benefit from the cooperation.

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