Baby boom drives growth in online trade: increases sales by over 30 percent in the period to May


With more than 65,000 births in March 2021, according to the Federal Statistical Office, there is a baby boom in Germany like there hasn’t been for over 20 years. The Corona relaxations in May 2020 could be one reason for the sharp increase, according to statisticians. “Based on our sales growth in initial equipment, we could practically predict this baby boom,” says Bastian Siebers, CEO of

The leading online specialist market for baby and children’s articles recorded a sales growth of over 30 percent in the first five months of the year. The growth can be seen in particular in the sales of initial equipment. The growth in baby seats was almost 180 per cent in February 2021 compared to the previous year, and in baby bottles almost 100 per cent. “The initial equipment is usually bought in the weeks before the birth, so the figures give us an indication of this very positive development,” Siebers continues. The baby boom is thus also a joyful event for babymarkt. Overall, shopping behaviour has clearly shifted towards online shopping. E-commerce sales in Germany are still at record levels, and babymarkt is one of the absolute winners.

Interview BastianOur investments in the shop, in the quality and speed of the shopping process and the large assortment have a doubly positive effect under these general conditions,” says Bastian Siebers.

To further improve the service for customers, the babymarkt app is currently being revised. “The aim here is to give mothers and fathers even more support in the pregnancy environment. After all, this is the best time in life,” says Bastian Siebers. Furthermore, babymarkt aims to expand its assortment to about 200,000 articles in the long term. With currently more than 100,000 articles on offer, babymarkt is considered the market leader in Germany. From its headquarters in Bochum’s O-Werk, the former Opel headquarters, the company manages all its activities throughout Europe. Annual turnover in 2020 was around 200 million euros, and Siebers forecasts 250 million euros for 2021.

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